With 1500 stores around the globe available at your finger tips, we've made it even easier for you to stack sweet sats as fast as possible. With much anticipation the BitcoinRewards team are ecstatic to launch the updated .com platform (BitcoinRewards.com).

More than 1500 participating brands.

We've spent the past months working around the clock to deliver a cleaner, easier to use, and more concise rewards platform - something we're sure our existing member base will appreciate.  

From viewing your own password during signup to enabling users to set a BitcoinRewards goal - we've really dug deep to understand the main points that are experienced and features that are desired during rewards based shopping .

Kahn Hood, BitcoinRewards CEO said:

"From personal experience during my retail and digital marketing career, an entity - be it bricks and mortar, online, or even one's self, only has a few short seconds to make a great first impression and encourage the customer to want to continue on that particular journey"

We deliver solutions and beneficial features based on that experience .

The new BitcoinRewards.com

Our eyes and ears however are still wide open and absorbing valuable feedback from our community and analytic technologies as we continue to deliver a superior end to end service for our fast growing member base.

A special thanks to the hard working and loyal BitcoinRewards team, and our friends at TravelbyBit for their commitment to making BitcoinRewards a 2020 name not forget.

We're excited to have you our members here with us and are looking forward to delivering many surprises throughout 2020.

Remember to keep #StackingSats and #Hodl!